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ASP : uploading 3 images   (Views   4287)

Posted On: Friday 26th of October 2012 07:36:28 AM
I am building a cms that has the opportunity to upload 3 images in the addproduct page as below: Code: Picture of Full Length Clock: Picture of Hood of Clock: Picture of Face of Clock: is fine, browsing and selecting, until I click submit to go to the next page that deals with that information. It only seems to register the last picture in all 3 picture areas.The code.......Show More

ASP.NET : asp:Table Control   (Views   3494)

Posted On: Wednesday 2nd of January 2013 02:30:33 AM
I am inserting an asp:RadioButton control into an asp:Table control using Visual Studio.NET. On the design tab it seems necessary to insert the asp:RadioButton control onto the page outside of the table and then switch to the HTML tab to move the asp:RadioButton tag into the asp:TableCell tag to place the RadioButton in the table. Anyone know of a way to put a RadioButton control into a Table.......Show More

C Language : Encoding error in GIF LZW compressed stream   (Views   3688)

Posted On: Friday 7th of December 2012 08:41:30 PM
I'm writing a C library to export SDL_Surfaces to various image formats as an exercise. Now I'm working on the GIF format and I feel I'm very close to getting it working, but I've been at this for a while with no luck. I've already re-read all the specs, wiki entries, various other internet articles on the subject and tried to debug it in all sorts of ways. My implementation is a modified version.......Show More

Delphi Programming : DLL - stdcall   (Views   4009)

Posted On: Tuesday 27th of November 2012 12:57:50 AM
What will be the difference if I have no stdcall at the end of the declaration.......Show More

Flash / ActionScript : 1009: when referencing stage.stagewidth from the child   (Views   3804)

Posted On: Thursday 3rd of January 2013 10:22:15 PM
I was hoping you could help me out my hair is getting grey.I have a main.swf and a slider.swf. I load the slider.swf into main.swf.In my slider.swf I have this code which adds an image to the stage from the Library: Code: var photo1_mc:photo1 =new photo1;addChild(photo1_mc);photo1_mc.x=stage.stageWidth/2;The code works fine when compiling slider.swf, but when loading the slider.swf into the.......Show More

HTML : Background image on text input    (Views   3691)

Posted On: Wednesday 7th of November 2012 10:44:52 AM
http://www.web-dev-search.com/search.phpThe input box is suppost to have a bg image but I can't seem to get it working. Any idea whats wrong, maybe my css....Show More

Java : Calendar in onject way   (Views   1518)

Posted On: Thursday 25th of October 2012 01:52:03 AM
I have task to solve: Java Code: DayCreate the class Day for representing days in a calendar.The class should include attributes specifying the day: dayOfMonth, month, year. 1. Implement the following public constructors: * Day(int numberOfDaysSinceTheBeginningOfTheEpoch);, where numberOfDaysSinceTheBeginningOfTheEpoch is the number of days that elapsed since some distinguished date.......Show More

JavaScript : changing color on click - JavaScript Help    (Views   4447)

Posted On: Wednesday 2nd of January 2013 12:42:29 AM
Guys, I am trying to build a design/configurator kit like the one shown in the following link http://www.customink.com/lab/PK=04615Please help me with the start up for this work. How can i start my coding.How can we write a code such that when a user clicks on the color , the color of the shirt changes instantly(i.e., the code must be such that any change in the code must reflect as soon as a.......Show More

Language C++ : Sorting an Array of Objects (the cards in a deck of cards) Using Opera   (Views   1939)

Posted On: Friday 4th of January 2013 02:03:19 AM
First, I should point out that I'm not actually using C++ or C-- I'm using C#. There's no forum for C#, though, and C# is so similar to C++ that I think "the experts" will likely be able to help me anyway. I'm using Visual Studio .NET 2005.I've implemented operator overloading and deep copying, but I also need to implement a SortDeck function that will take a deck of cards and sort it from Clubs.......Show More

Microsoft Access : query a query in vba   (Views   4041)

Posted On: Monday 22nd of October 2012 05:58:35 AM
hi ,how would i go about in vba to query a query . this what i havewhile not rsInv.eofset rsSal = currentdb.openrecordset("select * from tblSales where field1 = '" & rsinv!field1 & "' ")Wend now tblSales is a linked table, so it takes a long time to go threw it if rsinv has over 500 records.(somtimes it just crashes) i would like to set the whole recordset into rsSal before the While statment but.......Show More

Microsoft SQL Server : when table purge    (Views   3206)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 01:55:48 AM
I have set up code that whenever I user returns the site a new cookie is created(persistent) and the tokenis stored in the corresponding table in the database. Suppose that someone comes 2-3 times/day in the site,multiply that with number of registered users andthe tables gets written many times,becoming large quickly. SO...how often should I erase table rows you thinkDo you think-for example-.......Show More

MYSQL : Primary Key Name   (Views   3953)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 01:46:17 AM
I have a question about how to name the primary row id key in my MySQL tables. Is it good practice to use the same naming convention for the primary row id field in every table e.g. "row_id", or should i name them all uniquely e.g. in the users table call it "users_row_id" and in the products table call it "products_row_id"I would assume that using the same name in each table is the best way to.......Show More

Oracle : SQL Query question (count dates for each month)    (Views   4209)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 01:53:24 AM
,Hope you can help me with the following, i have the following view availble:DD/MM/YYYYENTITY | StartDate | EndDate | CodeA | CodeB | Revenue | CurrencyAZERT | 01/01/2011 | 02/01/2011 | SU | BOLD | 100 | EURAZERT | 28/01/2011 | 02/02/2011 | SU | BOLD | 500 | EURCan someone help with a query to pull the data so that I get the following summedENTITY | YYYY.MM | CodeA | CodeB | DAYS | TIMES | Revenue.......Show More

Perl : auto/Tk/getEncoding.al file is missing   (Views   3463)

Posted On: Wednesday 28th of November 2012 01:32:23 AM
, We installed perl-Tk-804.026 on a Solaris 10 machine and everything seem to have been installed properly. We were then able to build our executable on the same Solaris 10 machine using perl2exe with no problem it seems; however, .......Show More

Photoshop : Removing, or toning down, or adjusting colors in Photoshop   (Views   4032)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 01:55:33 AM
Hi again !I request your help once again. I've been working on a render, but what prevents me from finishing it is the fact that there is this incongruous, bluish white highlight in the subject of my render's hair. I want to fix it so I can remove the blue and white highlight, and have that area match the rest of her hair, but I'm not sure how to go about this. Attached is a pic of what I'm.......Show More

PHP : mysql > php    (Views   3078)

Posted On: Wednesday 24th of October 2012 12:33:01 AM
HI ...I want to make a form in php that will allow my users to view, edit records from a mysql database Would this be hard to accomplish considering I do not know php. I have attached an excel spreadsheet of the form I want to create. You will have to rename it to .xls.....Show More

Python Programming : How Do Interpreters Translate Source To Binary    (Views   3545)

Posted On: Friday 28th of December 2012 05:28:17 AM
I stopped focusing on Python for a while and started reading a lot of Linux docs; but I just now decided to get back into programming. It got me thinking about how interpreters work. Do they take the instructions as they get them, convert them to ml in ram, and send it to the cpu, or do they not have to convert it at all ....Show More

Search Engine Optimization : Top 10 Dangerous Myths of SEO...    (Views   5785)

Posted On: Tuesday 27th of November 2012 01:02:19 AM
Copied from my blog, theGoogleCache.comThere is a lot of misinformation out in the world of Search Engine Optimization, especially following the Jagger and BigDaddy updates. My goal here is to separate fact from fiction. The answers are often more gray than black-and-white, but to often they are expressed as one or the other. You are free to disagree with me, but I honestly believe that what I.......Show More

Software Testing : Hi, Can someone let me know how to perform the Game testing...   (Views   3448)

Posted On: Sunday 11th of November 2012 11:51:40 PM
Also is it possible to automate game testing..how....Show More

Swing / AWT / SWT : Printing tiff images in java   (Views   3525)

Posted On: Tuesday 23rd of October 2012 11:38:06 PM
Hi I want to print tiff images in java using jdk1.2. i am posting this query because the print related api is available in java.awt.print.*. I will be....Show More

VB.NET : Re: Help with Error!    (Views   3067)

Posted On: Saturday 3rd of November 2012 12:51:08 PM
Please help, I am making a Pong game and when I wanted to add something to the form it showed an error on the screen and it wouldn't show the form, this is what the error said: One or more errors encountered while loading the designer. The errors are listed below. Some errors can be fixed by rebuilding your project, while others may require code changes. Catastrophic failure (Exception from.......Show More

Visual Basic : Speed of sound   (Views   3137)

Posted On: Monday 24th of December 2012 01:17:49 AM
i was wondering if someone could help me. I have been working on this project for about 3 hours. This is my first semester in programming and i think i;m falling behind. My project says: Do not accept distances less than 0. Always check for non-numerical data. Everything i try to check for the non-numerical data does not work!!!! This is my code so far. Private Sub BtnCalculate_Click(ByVal sender.......Show More

Web Hosting : Domain to IP lookup   (Views   5208)

Posted On: Monday 31st of December 2012 01:55:22 AM
I'm trying to look for ip address of some site and see that there're many sites provides hostname to IP lookup. My question is, how do we know if the ip generated is for the main webhosting company (like Godaddy) or it's the ip for that specific domain name Very novice in IP and domain stuff.....Show More

Windows 7 / Vista / XP : How to change a media.bin file to a regular .bin file   (Views   3235)

Posted On: Wednesday 17th of October 2012 12:56:23 AM
This is a new one for me. I downloaded a zip file that I need to rollback a media player to it original firmware. I know how to do it using a usb drive. The problem is that the .bin file I need access to, when it is extracted from the zip file is a media file (VLC). On its properties page it is listed as:VLC media file (.bin) (.bin) and I need it to be a regular .bin file. I tried changing.......Show More